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John Deere Johnny Tractor Activity Table

John Deere Johnny Tractor Activity Table

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Johnny Tractor Soft Side Beanbag Chair with Handle

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This, new Johnny Tractor Activity Table is going to become the favorite place for any younger child to enjoy playing with his toys, drawing on or creating with, and also has extra storage space!

The activity table is constructed of 1/2" thick medium density fiberboard (no harmful chemicals) that is easily assembled by putting the slots through the holes in both sides and securing with the plastic wedges (included). On both sides there is a colorful image of Johnny Tractor smiling with the John Deere name on the side of the tractor. Both sides of the Table have printed play surfaces when the tops are down that can be used to play with his small cars and trucks, or to use as a desktop. The "front" side of the table, when raised up, features a chalkboard. There is a solid yellow shelf that holds the chalk and art supplies and features a hole to hold the plastic cup to hold the eraser and/or chalk, etc.

On the reverse side, there is also a printed play surface to use when in the closed position, and when raised up it features a whiteboard. Beneath it is a yellow shelf with holes on both ends to hold the plastic cup for supplies, a magnetic ruler, magnetic letters, markers and eraser. Beneath that shelf there are three plastic storage bins to hold those extra supplies or toys. Also included is a chair with storage that slides under the "front" end of the Table when not in use.

This easy to assemble bench is also constructed in sturdy mdf and has a seat top that is 11.5"H from the floor; 23.5"W and 10"D. The seat is solid bright yellow. Remainder of the chair is green with an image of Johnny Tractor with his logo on the outer backrest. This is a great place for any child to spend many hours of enjoyment, either in his bedroom or in the family room or den!
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