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Farmall iPhone 6 PLUS Licensed Hard Plastic Case - tractorup2

Farmall iPhone 6 PLUS Licensed Hard Plastic Case

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Farmall iPhone6 PLUS Hard Case

Unmatchable style needs unmatchable protection; and nothing speaks protection in a more comprehensive manner than this Farmall iPhone 6 Plus case. Made out of top quality rubber, this cover comes with an internal shock absorbing mechanism and a laminate cover. Offering an easy to hold grip, this cover is built to ensure that your ‘close to heart’ iPhone 6 Plus remains free of any scratches and damages. Even with all these in built protection features, the case doesn’t make the phone bulky. Get this sleek case and insure your iPhone 6 Plus now!



  • Farmall iPhone 6 PLUS Case.
  • Rubber, shock-absorbing interior.
  • Laminate cover.
  • Prevent scratches and damage.




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