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Johnny Tractor Kids Recliner

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Stylish, functional Kid's Recliner constructed with a mixed hardwood frame and then generously padded with densified fibers and polyester fiberfil for comfort and safety. This recliner features an over-stuffed backrest and a recessed cupholder in the top right armrest. Its inner backrest is upholstered with a multi-colored fabric featuring "Johnny Tractor" and his friends, "Barney Backhoe" and "Corey Combine" on outdoors on a sunny day.

The words "FRIENDS HELP FRIENDS" in yellow letters outlined in green is written against the blue sky. The seat is covered in a solid bright yellow and the remainder of the recliner is a solid bright green. There is a matching piece of the green fabric sewn from the top of the footrest to the bottom seat front to avoid a "space" when in the reclined position.

The bottom is covered in black upholstery fabric and there are round plastic feet on each bottom corner. Steel reclining mechanism ensures many years of use as a place to curl up and watch those favorite movies or t.v. shows, or read a book!