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John Deere Cribbage Board - tractorup2

John Deere Cribbage Board

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This uniquely shaped wooden cribbage board is shaped like a John Deere tractor. It includes 6 pegs: 3 gold and 3 grey, that are housed in a compartment on the back with a sliding metal cover. Instructions for cribbage are included and it is packages in a gift box. Pair the cribbage board with a John Deere deck of cards for fun themed evening!

Cribbage, is a traditional card game played by two or more. The cards need to be grouped in different combinations to gain points. Skills required in playing this game are strategy, tactics and counting. The card rank from highest to lowest is K,Q,J,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,A. The John Deere Cribbage Board is shaped like a tractor. On the back of the cribbage, there’s a compartment with a sliding metal cover which includes 3 golden pegs and 3 grey pegs. A gift box is used for packaging which also carries the instructions. You get this innovative cribbage board for only $39.95.



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