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John Deere Country- Part 2- Stories

John Deere tractors are handed down from generation to generation. One of the reasons for this loyalty came during the Depression when John Deere gave farmers extra time to pay for their equipment. The farmers stayed loyal and passed that loyalty to their sons. "My dad would never consider buying any other make of tractor," says Hank Friday of La Porte, Indiana. "He bled green and yellow and passed that love to me. And I passed it to my son. We're John Deere through and through and always will be."

That's why at farm shows all over the country you see vintage John Deere tractors lovingly restored and proudly driven.

We toured the country and found John Deere owners who have stories to tell. This DVD tells their stories and shows the tractors they love. Includes archival footage of tractors and combines from the 1920s through the 1960s filmed when they were new.

John Deere tractors are one of most widely used models in the world. The reason for it being still a coveted name in the market is the trust that it has earned from the farmers ranging across generations. After hearing the interesting stories about the company and its services, we offer a brand new DVD with videos of farmers who have stories to share about the amazing trust and the loyalty that the company built with its customers.

1 hour and 30 min.