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John Deere Barbed Wire Camo Hat - tractorup2

John Deere Barbed Wire Camo Hat

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John Deere Barbed Wire Hat

Try out the latest Barbed Wire Camo Hat from John Deere. The unstructured black cap sports a silver logo of the hopping Deer. The embroidered silver logo in the front of the cap mentions the brand name “John Deere” on it. Around the brim, it has barbwire embroidery on the border. The camouflaged trim on the brim further adds to the look. The black cap is suitable for men and boys and can be paired up with jeans and polo t-shirts.

  • Unstructured cap in black

  • Embroidered silver logo on front

  • Barbed wire embroidered border on brim

  • Camouflage trim on brim
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