International Customers

We're one of the few tractor themed sites that ship internationally!
Stuff you gotta know: 
1. We ship RRD, who then forwards it to the last mile of delivery. That can be your post office, another courier, or they deliver themselves. We do ship everywhere, but our rates are lowest to Canada and Britain.
That means that it's often cheaper for US to ship it to YOU than to ship it in your home country! Example: 1 LB package to Canada or Britain? $7.99! 

To most countries, it takes about 7-10 days. Some take longer- up to 30, if you're really far. 

2. The BIG one- WE don't make up customs charges, duties, taxes, or anything else. The price you pay here is for the shipping cost, and nothing else. These are paid by the customer. Please don't yell at us when your home country collects them. They are a necessity, we wish they weren't!