Didn't fit? Didn't like your stuff? Something else?

Here's our not-so-stuffy sounding return policy:

1. If it broke in shipment, or it was wrong, let us know as soon as possible. We'll send a massive former wrestler to your home to pick it up, and be sure that it's true. Okay, that's not true. We'll fix the problem if we created it either by picking it up, or filing a claim with the shipping service. We're not likely to want to overnight ship it, well, because we're human. But we'll do our best.

2. If you don't like it, don't want it, or your girlfriend dumped you and doesn't deserve it, no problem. As long as it's in resale condition and not full of dog hair, we'll take it. You're responsible for sending it back. PLEASE let us know you're doing that at PLEASE put your order number in the email, and on it. That's all.

3. Thirty days, folks. That's 3-0. If you want to return a winter hat from Christmas in August of next year, sorry. We can't do it. We're pretty flexible in the holiday season, so ask nice and we'll try.

4. Once it gets back to us, if it's in resale condition, give us a few and we'll credit your card minus shipping.

5. We don't do exchanges. Order what you need, and send the other one back. Exchanges are nightmare for internet companies, cuz we might be out of what you want by then. So just order it!